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During the year there are six competitions for members, three for digital images and three for prints   Each competition has a colour and a monochrome section, one of which has a specific theme, and the other which is Open (i.e. any type of image is acceptable).  Obviously, to be displayed here, the Prints are reproduced as digital images.



To view each set of the winning images click  VIEW

LPS 1 19th September 2017    Colour theme “Open”   Monochrome theme “Junk”            VIEW

LPS 2 24th October 2017          Monochrome theme “Movement”     Colour theme “Open”    VIEW

LPS 3  28th November 2017  Colour theme “A Book Title”   Monochrome theme  “Open”   VIEW

LPS 4  16th January 2018     Colour theme  “Nature in Close Up”    Monochrome theme  “Open”

LPS 5   6th February 2018    Colour theme  “Open”     Monochrome theme   “After Dark”  

LPS 6   27th February 2018  Colour theme  “Autumn”   Monochrome theme    “Open”    


Winning images 2017 - 2018

Images are loaded, and can be viewed, within a few days of the judging