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We may  be the oldest Photographic Society in the world (see HISTORY) but that does not mean that our members do not embrace all the very latest developments in photographic technology.

Our only criteria for membership in an interest in photography and a wish to embrace the possibility of exchanging views with, and learning from, other enthusiasts.

Our membership spans all levels of photographic ability from freelance semi professionals and active photographers, to casual picture takers and some who just like seeing other people’s photographs.  We believe most people take photographs because they enjoy it and the society is run with that in mind.

Our Tuesday evening meetings cover a range of different topics.  During the year we have six competitions for members, three for prints and three for digital images.  We also have selection evenings for the Inter Club competition where LPS competes against the eleven other clubs in West Yorkshire.

Other evenings feature visiting speakers demonstrating different aspects of photography and also our own members talking about their approach to photography or their photographic travels.  Full details can be found on the WHAT’S ON page.

Friendly rivalries are aired during the tea break or sometimes in the pub afterwards, include the merits of different photographic styles, whether Canon or Nikon produce the better equipment and which gender make the better photographers, an argument only partially settled at the annual men v women competition which takes place at the last meeting before Christmas.

If you are looking to add a new dimension to your photography, why not come along and join the debate.