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Taking Pictures

Exposure, aperture and shutter speed by Clive Hudson

Taking images of birds and animals by Malcolm Bond

Creative Depth of  Field and Depth of  Field Tables   Written by Ted Clements

How to Shoot Fireworks  Written by Nicola Billows

Making Spherical Panoramas  Written by Eva Pitt

Post Processing

Dodging and burning techniques by Norman Robertson

Image improvement by Tim Munsey

Replacing sky by Norman Robertson

Replace Colour Function and Adding a Border  Written by Ian Biggins

Layer Masks, Selective Sharpening and Dodge and Burn  Written by Ted Clements

Converting to Monochrome  Written by Ted Clements

Resizing and Saving  Written by Tom Hopley

Adjustment Layer  including image  Written by Ted Clements

Creative Dodging and Burning including image  Written by Derek Boocock

Imitate a Layer Mask in PS Elements  Written by John Saunders

Processing RAW Files  Written by Ted Clements

Various Exercises in Photoshop  Written by Stuart Burrows


 5 of a kind by  Monty Trent

Other Tutorials

Mounting Prints   Written by Ted Clements

How  to Send Large or many Photographs by e-mail  Written by  Stuart Burrows

Multi Session CD writing  Written by Tom Hopley

Your questions answered 3rd February 2015

Putting watermarks on images  Written by Ted Clements

Reflected and Incedent light readings

Calibrating monitors


Clive Haynes  Photo and Digital Imaging Know How

Mainly about Photoshop manipulation of images

Cambridge in Colour

Contains a host of useful tutorials on all aspects of photography and equipment

Extreme macro

A useful site for anybody considering extreme macro photography on a budget

All about Drone photography

A collection of articles by a number of authors on all aspects of using drones for photography